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Results 4 Informed Choice provides a platform to support all stakeholders impacted by the ECHO trial results. Below are sample social media messages and posts you are free to use to promote the use of the resources on this site.

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Family planning, reproductive health, and HIV programs need to be ready. The #ECHOTrial study compares three contraceptive methods and the risk of HIV acquisition. Women at high risk for HIV who want to prevent pregnancy need to know the results to make an informed choice on contraception. Is your health program ready to respond? Do you have a strategy for communicating key messages? Prepare by searching and adapting existing materials at


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[SAMPLE POST]  Does using certain contraceptive methods increase risk of acquiring HIV? Stay up to date on this critical topic and help women make informed choices. Tools for advocacy, health programs, and news coverage on #ECHOTrial results are at #ECHOTrial #FamilyPlanning #ReproductiveHealth #WomensHealth #MaternalHealth #HIV #contraception #peerreviewed #emergingevidence #ministryofhealth #healthnews





[SAMPLE POST] The Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes (ECHO) Study is designed to fill a critical knowledge gap for women at high risk of HIV: does using certain contraceptive methods increase risk of acquiring HIV? #ECHOTrial results are expected in July 2019 and Johns Hopkins CCP is gathering evidence and tools for stakeholders. Health programs, government officials, advocates, and journalists can find resources they need to help women make informed choices at

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Animated Country Snapshot

This Country Snapshot animation  demonstrates how to use the country snapshot section of this site which provide a snapshot of key HIV and family planning data.

Photo Bank

The Results 4 Informed Choice Photo Bank is an effort to provide users with ready access to relevant and appropriate images for communication and advocacy around the ECHO trial. The collection includes photos from actual international health and development work related to HIV, family planning, education, counseling, and contraception in a variety of contexts. Some photos are available for direct download - please ALWAYS credit photographers, regardless of the format of your materials.